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Friday, April 25, 2008



I am a recovering parent volunteer.

I held the position of room mom for grades Pre-K through fourth, organizing class parties and drivers for field trips. I drove to destinations like the zoo, the fire department, the recycling center, and the pumpkin patch.

I served as the secretary, vice-president, and president of the home and school club of my children’s elementary school. I sat on the Enrichment Committee, the Fundraising Committee, the Auction Committee, the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Committee, and the Literature Committee.

I baked dozens of bare sugar cookies for decorating in the shape of shamrocks in March, butterflies in May, pumpkins in November, and snowmen in December.

I cruised craft stores for chenille stems (a.k.a. pipe cleaners), poster paint, sequins, florist wire, starch, pom-poms, and giggly eyes for craft projects. These projects included, but are not limited to, baby food jar snow globes, cheese cloth ghosts, macaroni necklaces, and rolled bees wax candles.

I cut leaves, insect wings, petals, apples, stars and hearts out of construction paper, tissue paper, foam, and cardboard.

I sorted, collated, corrected, hole-punched, stapled, folded, laced, and stuffed.

I dressed in the costume of a Greek village woman circa 1825 and taught my son’s fourth grade class and my daughter’s first grade class how to Greek circle dance. I dressed as a colonial settler (in a lavender, flannel nightgown, apron and mob cap) circa 1770 and instructed fifth graders how to make rope.

I coached Pee-Wee Soccer. I timed heats at swim meets. I decorated floats for the Little League parades.

I worked in the school computer lab, art room, library, and lunch room.

I sold gift wrap, daffodil bulbs, magazines, and See’s Candies to friends, neighbors, and family members. I sold rice crispy treats, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and brownies at bake sales.

I have recently learned how to say, "NO."

By Tina Bournazos
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I know Tina and does blog does not even list half the things she has volunteered for.

Tina, I have a question - do you take a deep breath before you say "NO" or after you say "No".
I think you are lucky you did all those things.
I bet you even have some great memories and great friendshiips that would be impossible without volunteering. Your kids are lucky, you set a great example. You have earned your "No"
I did much of what you relate. Then I went to the Academy of Sciences to volunteer and for twenty years I gave tours, taught classes etc. I was a volunteer but I received a great education from such as Dr. McCosker then head of the Steinhart Aquariam, and other scientists, entemologists,
oceanographers, geologists etc.
So I suggest now you try volunteering where you fill your current needs as well as fill the needs of others.
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