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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Sing It, Pre-School Sister

My daughter has started singing with vibrato. She’s four. So, it’s not a quick and snappy “Mary had a little lamb,” it’s slow and pensive: “Ma-a-ary ha-a-a-ad uh-uh-uh li-i-i-it-uh-uh-uhl la-a-a-amb”

It’s pre-schooler sings the blues.

I’m not sure where she picked this up, but I will say it seemed to start after a two-week visit from her Grammy, who, if I may be so bold, utilizes a wee bit of the vibrato herself.

But, then again, maybe she picked it up from me. While I try to stay away from excesses of vocal warble, perhaps my voice occasionally makes those dips and dives, too.

I’ll admit that sometimes in the dark when I sit on the floor of my kids’ bedroom and sing up to them in their lofts, I let my voice take off. I belt out the lyrics to their (my) favorite song, Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue.”

In some parts, I sing fast and raspy, going somewhere edgy and rebellious. In other parts, I let my voice go slow and bluesy, somewhere unchecked and from the heart. And, so far, since they don’t ask what it means to work in a “topless bar” or why you’d light “a burner on the stove to offer me a pipe,” sometimes I let myself feel the poetry and music so deeply I could cry.

So when I hear, “You are my sunshine” coming from my daughter’s mouth like she’s channeling Ethel Merman, I admire the risks she’s taking with her sounds -- and, maybe, even her feelings.

I try to catch her eye with a nod and a smile as if to say to my girl, “That’s right -- sing it, sister.”

By Anjie Reynolds

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I love it! Little girls should have the freedom of vocal expression, with no restriction by criticism. This is such an expressive piece Anjie. It's like I'm in the next room giggling with you while we listen to that uninhibited little, or maybe not so little, voice singin' it out sister. Awesome.
Go sister, soul sister! Love it! You take the best snap shots of the life as a Mom and put it on paper. They always make me smile!
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