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Monday, March 09, 2009



My old friends and little sisters are thinking about getting pregnant.

I am mother to a three-year-old boy. They are getting Ph.D.’s, attending law school, and going to the gym.

They are very busy.

I am playing with motorcycle guys, building train villages, and possibly taking a shower.

I am also very busy.

To them, days are about productivity – how many articles did I read, how long was my run, how far did I get?

To me, days flow best without too heavy of an agenda – reading the same picture book to my son over and over again, exploring local lakes without a need to complete the loop.

I can’t wait for them to cross over into Planet Motherhood. How I want them to navigate this path with me, to make up missions of the day and invent quirky Halloween costumes.

I hope I will still be in a nearby orbit when they have newborns and my son starts preschool, or maybe I will even be starting all over again with them.

It feels as if I’m in high school, and they are just beginning middle school. But if I wait long enough, maybe we can all be in college together.

By Ariana Amini

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