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Monday, June 30, 2008


What a Mama REALLY Needs. . .

I pride myself on my ability to anticipate my children’s every need. I am painfully aware that each instant is fraught with possibilities. Every step is a potential disaster. Each trip to the playground can lead to the emergency room -- or on an extended play date.

Therefore, I carry supplies for any and every emergency. I could survive for a week out of my car regardless of the circumstances. I have a change of clothes for each child (and myself) including layers and accessories. I have snacks (healthy, of course), drinks, multi packs of Band-Aids, and baby wipes (more useful now than when I had a baby).

Of course, this sounds super organized and it always starts out that way but, unfortunately, your car is only as clean as your last car trip. Between washes things do tend to get out of hand. I have been known to go through all of my changes of clothes, leaving several sets of dirty outfits and some odd combinations that mostly consist of too-small pants, non-matching socks and single sneakers.

As far as healthy snacks -- I am sure I will never starve. If I lift out my booster seats I could live for a month on the Cheerios crumbs alone.

I am so conscious of being super ready that I live my life in a constant state of flight or flight.

Yet, I have a hard time anticipating my own needs.

Every day I manage to complete a To Do List a mile long and, yet, when I am faced with an hour free from demands -- I freeze. I have so many projects to tackle at any given time that I don't know how to spend my gift of time.

I crave peace and quiet constantly, but have difficulty appreciating the moments that crop up unexpectedly. But I'm learning. I'll often purposely pick a long line in the supermarket just so I can catch up on my trashy magazines.

I get to school pick-up a little early and sit quietly in my car. I'm realizing now that getting bliss time to myself is just as important as crossing something else off my To Do List. There is always tomorrow, but there is only one right now.

I am so ready!

By Cathy Burke


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