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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Love Letter to My Children

I have found in the raising of five children that sometimes it is better not to talk. Write a letter. Even if the child is quite young. We choose our words better when writing than speaking in the moment. Sometimes the letter is an apology, sometimes our love and caring comes through in words.

This letter was sent to all five of my kids. At the time some were at university, some in high school and one in grade school.

I remember nursing you.
Completely aware.
How soon passing.
How soon passing.
It will never be like this again.
I remember swinging you.
How soon passing. 
How soon passing.
It will never be the same.
I remember your first step.
How soon passing.
How soon passing.
I am blessed to see this.
I remember carpooling.
Listening to your chatter.
How soon passing.
How soon passing.
Thanks for these moments.
It will never be the same.
But I took time to record each moment.
Every stage, memories rich to call upon.
And I love every new challenge.
Knowing that I took advantage of those moments.
How soon passing.
How soon passing.
That created a new you, a new me.

Love, Mom
(That loves you still and always will, but doesn't mind getting a whole night's uninterrupted sleep.)

P.S. Other kids are lucky! Their moms sent Hallmark.

By Ruth Scott

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