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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Marley and Us

My ten-year old daughter wants a dog when her little sister turns four.

At first I was thankful for the two-year reprieve. Now I’m annoyed by her hypothetical dog. With its hypothetical name. And with the hypothetical questions she feels warrant discussion.

Or worse -- answers.

Should it be an Irish coat or an American coat? Can we move Cameron’s toy kitchen and have it sleep there? Should we paper train or outside train? Go to a breeder or adopt? If it was okay for Cameron to be three years old instead of four, could we get the dog in a year?

Mackenzie repeated the last question from the back seat as we raced across town from dance practice to Rossi Field, my son Tyler’s major league aspirations hanging in the balance and Cameron’s missed nap whines turning to full screams.

A dog in a year?

Was she nuts?

By Kimberley Kwok

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Ha! You wouldn't believe our son wanted a cat "when he turns 6" for two years. I let him entertain that thought while not quite being ready to the commitment myself. I had cats before. But then I did promise myself that I will allow my kids to have a pet when they beg for it. So I was on the fence. A week before turning six, he decided that he doesn't want a cat after all. Sigh of relieve!

His reasoning: he didn't want a cat to eat a hamster that he didn't have, but might want to have at some point.

I say go talk with her how it would be to have a dog: if you will adopt it or buy it, how you will housebreak the puppy, who will walk with the dog twice a day and pick up after it. Live the whole experience through the imagination. Maybe even ask a friend to walk their dog. Read at how Heather is breaking her puppy.

Maybe there will be something that will turn the her off or will turn you on :) And then a year is a century in their world view.
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