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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


If Only I Could Get Organized

Okay, TODAY I'm going to get organized.

I can do this.

All I need are the right storage containers. Didn’t I just buy some? How can they not fit? Why is it that things grow a crucial inch right after I measure them?

Every time I get back from The Container Store loaded down with purchases necessary to change my life with elevated efficiency -- I fail.

Nothing ever ends up looking anything like the picture in my mind.

Okay, that’s fine, I tell myself. I resolve to use my new storage bins somewhere else. But they're never the right type of containers that are needed where they actually end up fitting.

So I achieve less order than before.

I vow to return my latest purchase. That is once I find the receipt, plan a trip back to the store and manage to put the items to be returned or exchanged into my car. Then I have to actually remember to do it. And this all better happen before my husband sees another stack of containers on the porch.

The problem is that in order to be organized – I have to get organized first. If only I possessed the organizational skills necessary to achieve this.

Okay, now where are my keys?

I have got to get organized!

By Cathy Burke

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